Why a Pram?

Tired of the time it takes to get into your waders, fins float tube, to the water, etc.? We can reduce that time to less than 5 minutes. With the skyrocketing cost of pontoon boats a pram makes sense. Pontoon boats don’t take the five minutes the manufacturers say they do to set up. If you are going to transport a pontoon boat on the top of your car, in the back of a truck Viagra, on top of a car or our favorite, on a trailer (don’t laugh, we saw a minivan with a trailer set up to transport two fully inflated pontoon boats) why wouldn’t you go with a pram……just a pram…..no waders, no fins, no pump and no set up? So, you were looking for another reason to ditch your float tube or pontoon boat this just might be it!

So, why a pram? Unmatched Stability – Versatility – Portability

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