The Current State of Affairs

Welcome to the website of the oldest and most respected pram builder in the country. Off we go, building for another season with a few new things in store. The biggest news is the addition of a 14′ Tri Hull boat called the 1454 Troutstalker which will have a slow introduction into the market. This style of boat has never been built before and is already a big hit. A stillwater boat, built somewhat with the same concept of a Florida flats boat but on a slightly smaller and and lighter platform but retaining all the stability. Casting platforms bow and stern. Impressive boat! There will be a line for these. More information will be coming as we get it done.

Jim Wheeler

This is my favorite pictures of all time. Ok, it isn’t a pram picture but it is a proud dad moment. My daughter, Mackenzie and I went to BC together in late 2008, after her mom died with our “guide” ”Brian Chan”. I have been friends with Brian for almost 20 years now. This was a trip both Mac and I will remember for the rest of our lives. These fish were this size all day long. Must have been the guide !

So, Why a Pram?

Tired of the time it takes to get into your waders, fins float tube, to the water, etc.? We can reduce that time to less than 5 minutes. With the skyrocketing cost and weight and the declining quality due to offshore manufacturing of many of pontoon boats a handcrafted pram makes total sense. Pontoon boats don’t take the five minutes to set up like the salesman at the fly shop told you it would do they? And if you are going to transport a pontoon boat on the top of your car, in the back of a truck, or our favorite, on a trailer. Don’t laugh, we saw a minivan with a trailer set up with a wood rack system transporting two fully inflated pontoon boats. So, why wouldn’t you go with a pram……just a pram… waders, no fins, no pump and no set up? You’re looking for another reason to ditch your float tube or pontoon boat or you wouldn’t be here. A pram just may (and is for an increasing number of fly fishermen) be that solution!

So, why a pram part II?  Simple! Value – Unmatched Stability – Versatility – Portability


Were now on Facebook. Whoo hooo! I’m not really sure what that means exactly but we’re there. It is fun to watch those who “friend” us and where they come from though. I will be updating that from time to time and using it to introduce new products such as our new 14′ boat when it’s in testing, available, etc. as well as exciting new offerings from Stillwater Solutions. So, become a friend today. You should be able to click on the Facebook link here and it should take you there………..I hope.