Scotty Anchor Lock Anchor System

Scotty “Anchor Lock”
Scotty Fishing, Marine & Outdoor Products Company has been around since 1952 and are very well respected in the industry. We decided to pick up the line because of the few  differences listed below that make it versatile and easy to use. The huge difference between the Scotty Anchor Lock and the Pocket Puller is that the Scotty is made from plastic and the Pocket Puller is made from powder coated aluminum.   The Scotty Anchor Lock is available in two styles listed below.

w/Removable Mounting System
The two advantages of this system over our Pocket Puller Anchor system is cost and the ability to use other Scotty products such as their Fly Rod Holder. The Anchor Lock is designed to be inserted and removed from the standard Scotty mounting bracket and can be locked in place at various points. Works best when mounted level horizontally so some minor modification may be required.  Comes complete with standard base.
Permanent Deck Mount
Usually mounted on the bow the Fixed Deck Mount Anchor Lock is designed to be permanently mounted to the deck of a boat by way of three 1/4″ x 20 bolts. Not removable, the Fixed Deck Mount will take up some room and may get in the way. Like the Removable Anchor Lock (above) the Fixed Deck Mount Anchor Lock works best when mounted level horizontally.
SCOTTY Removable Anchor Lock w/base        $39
SCOTTY Permanent Deck MountAnchor Lock    $44