Pocket Puller Anchor System

 The most popular has been our exclusive Pocket Puller anchor system. The new kid on the block is from a long time player in then marine accessories market and a trusted name for years. You can see both of these below and make up your own mind. Spring Creek “Pocket Puller” The most popular option on our prams! Portable and powerful, this anchor system fits into an existing oarlock socket or more commonly, an added oarlock socket in the bow, stern or both. An absolute must for nymph and chironomid lake fishing. The built-in jam cleat allows for quick and easy anchor line adjustment from the center seat of most boats. Virtually indestructible (really!) the Pocket Puller has proven to be the best anchor system for our prams, as well as many other types of watercraft. Strong? We have yet to have one break. Adapters are available for use on pontoon boat frames too. Our Pocket Pullers are made from “mock rock” gray powder coated 535 marine grade aluminum with a stainless steel pin and nylon roller there isn’t much to wear out either. We suggest using solid braid rope between 1/4″ and 1/2.” We find and suggest using 1/4″ or 5/16″ rope which we carry. The Pocket Puller Kit includes the Pocket Puller, a brass oarlock socket and mounting hardware.

This is our Stillwater Classic Extension Arm option. This option Includes the base and an extension arm that accepts our Pocket Puller. This allows you to use a Pocket Puller on a pram or boat with a very vertical transom angle. Otherwise the anchor comes up “under” the boat or pram instead outside the transom. Both bow and stern Pocket Pullers, if mounted correctly can be operated from the center seat which is a real advantage when you are fishing or landing a fish.

Pocket Puller        $58
Pocket Puller Kit    $74
Stillwater Classic Pocket Puller Extension Arm Kit       add $54