Anchor Systems

The first option on any and all stillwater fishing craft must be a foolproof, simple to operate anchor system. This allows you to work your fly exactly how the bug you are imitating moves in the water. There is nothing more frustrating than retrieving your fly and having your pram, boat, pontoon boat, etc. “tailing” in the wind or drifting down the lake. Ok, at this point the fish are actually laughing at you (and you thought those bubbles were coming from the bottom) We now carry two different anchor systems both of which online casino top 10 are very serviceable and pass the Spring Creek Prams “it has to be great” test So, this should answer the question “can I put one of your Pocket Pullers on my pontoon boat?” It did take a bit of ingenuity and some EMT (electrical conduit material available pretty much anywhere) and a nylon insert from us but it worked great. No more having to contort your body to find and manipulate the anchor rope. Although this photo is showing the Pocket Puller actually backwards, you get the idea. Hey, I didn’t take the pictures.