Stillwater Solutions

Spring Creek Prams was the first in the United States to stock this new and unique line of fly tying materials. We carry the full line and Jim ties with it regularly so he can talk to you about most of the products first hand and suggest products that will work for you. Also check out our tying accessories. Most of the products make either tying with the Stillwater Solutions materials or just tying in general easier.

Stillwater Solutions addresses a market need that has never been fully satisfied……..until now. Developed by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley Stillwater Solutions is a complete line of over 125 Premium Fly Tying Products designed to meet the specific needs of lake fly fishers. The program consists of 6 core colors imperative for stillwater fly fishing:

Black, Brown, Callibaetis, Light Olive, Olive, Olive Dun, Red, Summer Duck and Tan. Additional effective colors have been added throughout the product range to provide a full spectrum of options for lake fishing everywhere.

We just charge you the postage, not some trumped up “shipping and handling” charge which we hate and saves you money. Give us a call and order today.

Jim & Shauneen (in memoriam) Wheeler