8′ Stillwater Classic

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“Prams are the best fishing craft for small lakes because of their stability and versatility as a viewing/casting platform. My Stillwater Classic is the perfect boat for searching out small waters and big trout. It’s very quiet on the water and a delight to row. “ 

Brian Chan, British Columbia fisheries biologist, author, master fly tyer, public speaker

With its classic lines and wide, stable bottom which depicts our Stillwater Classic adds a new dimension to your fly fishing. The Stillwater Classic, with it’s Spring Creek exclusive pedestal swivel seat is a first in the industry and an absolute joy to fish from. Taking out the bench seat and replacing it with a pedestal with a padded swivel seat with storage under it sounds easy but it is far from it. After seven prototypes, too many meetings and ideas to mention we designed, what is the finest, most technologically advanced, fly line friendly single person fly fishing pram on the planet.
  The Stillwater Classic will transform your fishing trip on lakes and ponds into an all encompassing fly fishing and outdoor experience. Imagine a stable casting platform light enough to row effortlessly and be transported by just one person from a car top or pickup bed to boat launch. Unlike a float tube, you enjoy greater mobility and range along with the freedom to stay low and out of sight for stealth casting, or stand up and cast to cruising fish. More freedom, more fish brought to hand. Choose from either the cushioned swivel seat Stillwater Classic can also be built as a basic bench seat Stillwater Classic. In addition to our exclusive Spring Creek Composite oars or Smoker Wood oars, or an electric motor can be perfectly matched to your Stillwater Classic pram for more range and mobility. Hull colors change from year to year but you can usually bank on Hunter Green or Olive Green with a contrasting “Splash Web” exterior. Spring Creek’s exclusive “Splash Web” option transforms our prams into a moving cloud or riffled water allowing you to fish quietly and effortlessly moving to the most inaccessible spots. All Spring Creek accessories are chosen to preserve the clean, uncluttered interiors of our prams, keeping to a minimum the fly line hang-ups. All Spring Creek prams are designed and hand crafted, painstakingly one at a time with the fly fisher firmly in mind, start to finish, by a single craftsman.

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  I ventured out to the Fall River in Northern CA. The fish were taking green drakes and best of all your pram (Stillwater Classic) handled beautifully. I am very impressed with how stable the pram was. I much prefer to stand while casting and whether in the front or back of the swivel seat I felt very secure. Also, the pram is very “electric fast” moving up river nicely with your 32 pound thurst Motor Guide. All in all I was very impressed with your operatin, namely Spring Creek Prams. Very personal & responsive to my calls. Thanks 

Robert Lowe, Los gatos, CA

“I love my pram (Stillwater Classic) ! It rows easily and quiet. The swivel seat is very easy on my back. I’ve had 3 prams and yours is the best of all of them!”

Jim Arnold Novato, CA

 Car topping? Ok, if Shauneen could put the Stillwater Classic on top of our 4wd Toyota truck, I think you can too. There are many ways to get our prams on the top of a vehicle. Just ask us and we would be happy to share tricks and ideas we have learned from our happy pram owners. 

Our favorite now “retired” fisheries biologist and best chironomid fly fisherman we know, Brian Chan in his personal Stillwater Classic showing a well outfitted pram for chironimid fishing. Pocket Puller Anchor systems bow and stern (Scotty Anchor Lock can be substituted), Motor Pads, Handles, Spare Rod Holders as well as a Carpet Kit on the floor.




Oh, you wanted to take a second person…..sometimes? Now here’s a neat little option. We built this for the dad who wanted to take his kid with him every so often (two big people not suggested). This slatted seat is hand crafted to each each pram. It fits right over the stern flotation compartments and is completely removeable. Rowing is not hindered because of the design which allows room underneath for your feet to reach the transom.




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Different Brian (Wong) on Tunkwa Lake located in B.C. with the same outlook on our pram. Brian used to be in a float tube and can not believe the differences. More ability to fish, stability, speed, stealthyness (I know, not a word) and not at all difficult to get on or off a car top. And yes, many times in some B.C. lakes you are fising in less than 3 feet of water and you’re catching 2-10lb trout. Note the weather.  Not bad eh?

8′ Stillwater Classic

Technical Specifications:

Overall Length: 7′ 10″

Width at Oarlocks: 51″

Bottom Width: 39

Side Height at Oarlocks: 14.5″

Maximum Load Capacity: 400#

Weight: 60#

PRICE: $1,325