Stillwater Classic

One of our flagship prams the Stillwater Classic. It is hands down the finest, most advanced one person, fiberglass stillwater fly fishing pram available. Just like a Porsche… “there is no substitute!” So, you getting tired of pumps, waders, being cold and damp, hanging up you fly line on everything call us, we can help. We’ve been there.

8′ Hopper II

The 8′ Hopper II fiberglass pram is built with heavier lay-up to increase the versatility of our one person pram line. Built for one person with the added capability of class I & II rivers like Washington’s famous Yakima River.


10′ Hopper II

Another flagship pram is our 10′ Hopper II fiberglass pram. It is as much at home on a stillwater lake as it is on a class I or II river. Built for two persons with gear. Easily car topped or fits in a standard pickup.


Traditional Wood Prams

For the purists we have Buy Levitra 8′ Traditional Wood Pram available. A completely assembled wood pram at kit prices. Built in the Winter months and delivered in the Spring. Order early.



ALL NEW 14′ Stillwater boat coming
Fall/Winter 2010 (we’re pretty sure this time)

This will be a bit of a departure for us from what we’ve done over the past 16 years. What we have found over the years is that there is another niche’ that hasn’t been filled. That being the 2-3 person ultimate stillwater boat. Capable of comfortably carrying two anglers, with their gear, three in a pinch. Each angler will have their own casting platform with a third angler being lower in the center section of the boat. Stability was first and foremost so we finally found, after 15 years of searching the hull to match that requirement. This moves us away from our mission statement of keeping our prams car top-able but I think you will like the departure.