Racks & Pram Trailers


How to carry a pram is one of the tougher questions you’ll have to answer along the way. I started this company saying that “if you can’t car top it, we won’t build it”. Well, then I found a 14′ mold I couldn’t live without. So, I still like carrying the 8′ and 10′ prams on top of a car as it is the easiest, cheapest and best way to carry them for the pram too. With that in mind I have have worked with the Yakima Rack company for about 25 years and just flat like their product line with regards to fit and function. Yes I own the product, many of them as a matter of fact. You can call me with the particulars with regards to what works and doesn’t work with our prams and bar lengths, tie down straps (our tie down strap hooks actually fit the round bars) and Load Stops (Yakima part #5000) which hold the boat in place. Where to get your rack? Our suggestion is Rack Attack in Portland, OR. They ship anywhere. Their website is www.rackattack.com You can also call them at 1-888-399-7225








Spring Creek Pram Trailer  by MICAH’s Custom Works, LLC       
Here is a shot of one of Micah’s trailers which, out of probably 5 different trailer manufacturers we have sold or have had built for us in the past Micah’s trailers are, hands down the best built, best designed trailers for prams, pontoon boats or rafts we have ever sold or been associated with. Micah and I sat down for some time designing this trailer with a box frame, 2″ ball, plywood decking, custom lighting, 13″ tires, a 1500# axle so, even with a lightweight pram on it is still allows the springs to do their job and absorb the impact of the bumpy roads we all go on, tie down points welded in place. The base price on a pram or raft trailer pictured in the top two pictures is $995 plus tax and license. Micah’s contact information is;
owner: Micah England
Phone: 509-665-9631     
PO Box 104
3390 Malaga Alcoa Highway
Malaga, WA  98828

Note: Carpeted bunks help keep a pram from sliding around on the trailer. A trailer makes a lot of sense if you travel some distance and want to un-clutter the interior of your car or truck. The absolute best way to carry the boat is upside down on a trailer fitted with Yakima Racks, Load Stops (Yakima part #5000) and a good pair of ratchet straps and is far easier on the boat.
Here is a picture of one of Micah’s trailers built which was custom built for a two pram customer of ours. My understanding is that about 3 feet was added to the trailer to accommodate the addition of a storage box at the front of the trailer. As you can see racks were also added so he could take both his boats with him. The racks are removable so he can use the trailer as a flatbed. Very cool!
Here is a photo of the same trailer with the racks removed.