Tie Down Straps

Ratchet Straps

We have our own Ratchet and Cam Buckle Straps for for us for a couple of reasons. One, quality. We also use the highest quality ratchets, hooks and have the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing process including threads and machines in the industry. Our Ratchets, Cam Buckles and hooks are the same ones used in Boeing cargo planes. Two, our hooks are vinyl coated and fit a Yakima Rack Bar which all of the cheap straps do not. We use a 1″ heavy nylon webbing material. Although mylon does stretch a bit in the rain (no big deal) it is also far stronger and longer lasting than Poly which is why we went with nylon. You just invested how much for your pram? Don’t skimp on the straps to hold it on your rack. Our ratchet Straps are 15′ in length giving you pleanty to go from bar to bar on your rack with some to spare.










Cam Buckle Straps

I was never a big fan of cam buckle straps staing that they were only as good as the power you had to tighten them. I did some searching and found that the same company who supplies our ratchets and hooks also carries a cam buckle from the same manufacturer and is very high quality. 16′ in length should fit over and back on eithe the Stillwater Classic or the 10′ Hopper II.







PRICE:  Ratchet Straps  $40 per pair         Cam Buckle Straps  $ 15 each