“My Stillwater Classic is the perfect boat for searching out small waters and big trout. It’s very quiet on the water and a delight to row. Prams are the best fishing craft for small lakes because of their stability and versatility as a viewing/casting platform.”
Brian Chan, British Columbia Fisheries Biologist
“After fishing out of float tubes and kick boats for years the feeling I got while I stepped into my new pram from you was like stepping to the top of the ladder, clean, warm and dry. On flat water my Stillwater Classic – Fly fishing Edition glides like an osprey. In windy conditions it holds the line. I was amazed at the ease of handling.”

“My first fish in my new pram was a fat 4lb rainbow that took me far into the backing. The leverage I was able to get while standing in my pram kept the line out of the water and me in control. Jim, thank you for your professionalism and personal service. It’s nice to deal with someone who can stick to a given time frame. My pram was delivered (packaged beautifully, by the way) right on time. I am looking forward to many years of fun fishing out of my Stillwater Classic – Fly Fishing Edition!”
World renowned guitarist, singer songwriter….fly fisherman
“Not only have I caught more fish since purchasing my Spring Creek Pram (Stillwater Classic – Fly Fishing Edition), I have enjoyment when I’m out on the water. This is because my prams allows me to fish more often and stay out longer. It is incredibly quick to launch and since I am warm and dry, my winter fishing has increased dramatically. My poor float tube just hangs around now! Within minutes of packing up my carpentry tools, the fishing starts.”
NOTE: The above photo was taken by Alex. It looks fabulous on our wall in an 11×14″ print. Email us for Alex’s address or phone number.
Carpenter, Photographer….fly fisherman
On a recent Internet bulletin  board the following question was asked of the group “Anyone use a Spring Creek Pram Company pram?” The answers were;
“I have their 8′ Fly Fishing Edition. I have used it rowing and with an electric motor. It’s a very stable fly fishing platform and I highly recommend it. In addition, it’s very well made and nice to look at. At about 65# I can handle it by myself. Once you fish from one you will never want to float tube again.”
Harry Levin  Livermore, CA
“I have the 8′ Hopper II. It’s wider & deeper than the Fly Fishing Edition so it can handle Class I & II rivers (i.e. Lower Sac or the American). My pram has all the space I need for gear & gadgets, a 6 foot 200 pound guy and room to spare if my 5 year old son wants to tag along. The pram rows surprisingly fast and really scoots with a 32 pound thrust electric motor. I moved up from a pontoon boat and the difference of standing and staying dry is worth the $$. Fit & trim is first class. Jim Wheeler knows his stuff.”

Glen Quintos Benecia, CA
“I’m on the third season with my 8′ Hopper and love it.   After fly-fishing  from float tubes and larger row boats, it is a treat to use my Hopper.  It  gives my plenty of room and allows me to stand and stretch which means I can  fish all day long and never leave the water.  I can load and unload the pram  from my car top rack-so it doesn’t take long to put gear in the pram and   start fishing.  Rowing to my favorite spots on the lake is easy because the   Hopper is lightweight, highly maneuverable, and track well even under windy   conditions.  Thanks for building a great pram.”


Bob Masterman, Jr.
Mount Vernon, WA
“Believe it or not, last week was the first time I had the opportunity to use my pram. yes, I know, I’m still working too hard. I went up to Eastern Oregon with Ron Angell and we looked like the bobsy twins with our spring creek prams. I was very impressed and couldn’t be happier how great they are to fish out of. Due to changing wind points, I switched around from the stern to the bow with ease and equal stability, changing only the placement of the anchor. At times we had small white caps but the pram had no problem. I have a friend who will be calling you soon, however he is around 250 lbs and will probably need the Hopper II.
Anyway, I promised to give you a report after the maiden voyage, just sorry it took so long.”
Best Regards.
Ken Daer
Eureka, CA.
Had a chance to give my boat (10′ Hopper II) a real workout this last weekend up in BC. I did find out that fishing two rods (with indicators) using chironimids is kinda hard. I always had the wrong one in my hands and the right one sitting in the boat somewhere. Also found out I need bigger indicators as the little ones I had were real hard to see. Didn’t catch any real big fish but did get about 50.  My favorite time was when the mayflies were hatching. I was getting close to a fish a cast in about a 20 minute period.

Double anchored the boat… it worked great. The seats are very comfortable and if I’m out for the whole day.. still very comfortable at the end of the day. The side rod holders work real good at keeping rods out of the way. Also the boat skips thru the water and is very efficient at moving. I still had battery left after 3 days of fishing with it…. still running on the 4th day.
Bill Warner
Kirkland, WA
Just got through using your 8 ft. fly fishing pram (Stillwater Classic) for the first time in a slough just off the Tanana River near Fairbanks, Alaska. This was its maiden voyage … I was just breaking it in and was surprised to find the pram to be so remarkably stable. Thanks again!
Robert P. Hammond
Fairbanks, AK
” Just received the net and the video’s today 8/21. I thank you for the Livermore fly Fishers
for the donation of the two video’s. I will give both you and Brian acknowledgement in one of our future news letters. I tried the pram out for the first time yesterday at a local pond, not to fish but to acquaint myself to the new little boat.
My first impressions were:
1) Very easy to get on and off the car. The removable seat takes 5 lbs. off the load.
2) A  bathroom throw rug on the back of the Jeep keeps the pram from marring the car finish till the bow rests on the back bar. The handles make it very to grab to lift the stern of the boat and I highly recommend them.
3) The dolly makes all the difference in the world in ease of manipulating the boat. Pivot the boat off the back rack and on the dolly to roll to the water – nothing could be easier.
4) The Yakima racks with the gunnel brackets coupled with your good ratchet hold downs keeps the pram rock solid. A good feeling when your barreling down the road at 60mph.
5) The boat is very responsive  and rows well in the wind. It was windy enough that I would not have fished  but I wanted to see how it handled in the wind.
6) I stood up and fly casted and it was stable enough that I did not feel uncomfortable.
7) I am very impressed with my first outing and will be thrilled when I can brag about the 22+ inchers I’ve caught(and released) from my new fly fishing platform.”

Thanks again Jim, Its been a pleasure doing business with you.
Harry Leven
Livermore, CA

Now, “after” the maiden voyage:

“As a matter of fact I had to take my pram out on last Friday to try out my electric motor and battery arrangement and loaded it on the car Thursday to show it off at our Fly Fishing club meeting that evening. I mentioned in the meeting that I had the pram and if anyone was interested and a number of members went out to see it. The  pram got nothing but great
comments. I still am very impressed with the pram and I am not shy about spreading my feelings. No buyers remorse.

On Friday took it out and the pram was very stable with a group 27 battery(very heavy) and a 52# thrust Motorguide off the rear. No, I didn’t buy the motor for the pram but I sure pushes my Whaler as well as the little boat. Caught fish but was out fished by the power bait fisherman 5 to 1. Stupid hatchery  fish! I plan to take it up to Davis Lake next Monday. So
far I’ve caught fish every time I ‘ve had her out. It’s a good omen.”
Take care Jim.
Harry Leven
Livermore, CA
  Click here to call us, or we can call you back.  Either way, we need to talk to make sure you’re getting the boat that you will be delighted with.
Stillwater Classic “Lite”
“Prams are the best fishing craft for small lakes because of their stability and versatility as a viewing/casting platform. My Stillwater Classic is the perfect boat for searching out small waters and big trout. It’s very quiet on the water and a delight to row. ”
Brian Chan, British Columbia fisheries biologist, author, master fly tyer, public speaker
The Stillwater Classic will transform your fishing trip on lakes and ponds into an all encompassing fly fishing and outdoor experience. Imagine a stable casting platform light enough to row effortlessly and be transported by just one person from a car top or pickup bed to boat launch. Unlike a float tube, you enjoy greater mobility and range along with the freedom to stay low and out of sight for stealth casting, or stand up and cast to cruising fish. More freedom, more fish brought to hand. Choose from either the cushioned swivel seat Stillwater Classic can also be built as a basic bench seat Stillwater Classic. In addition to our exclusive Spring Creek Composite oars or Smoker Wood oars, both gas and electric motors can be perfectly matched to your Stillwater Classic pram for more range and mobility. Hull colors change from year to year but you can usually bank on Ivory, forest green or olive green with a contrasting “Splash Web” exterior. Spring Creek’s exclusive “Splash Web”  option transforms our prams into a moving cloud or riffled water allowing you to fish quietly and effortlessly moving to the most inaccessible spots. All Spring Creek accessories are chosen to preserve the clean, uncluttered interiors of our prams, keeping to a minimum the fly line hang-ups. All Spring Creek prams are designed and hand built with the fly fisher firmly in mind, start to finish, by a single craftsman.
With its classic lines and wide, stable bottom which depicts our Stillwater Classic adds a new dimension to your fly fishing. The Stillwater Classic, with it’s Spring Creek exclusive pedestal swivel seat is a first in the industry and an absolute joy to fish from. Taking out the bench seat and replacing it with a pedestal with a padded swivel seat with storage under it sounds easy but it is far from it. After seven prototypes, too many meetings and ideas to mention we designed, what is the finest, most technologically advanced, fly line friendly single person fly fishing pram on the planet.
I ventured out to the Fall River in Northern CA. The river was beautiful. The fish were taking green drakes and best of all your pram (Stillwater Classic) handled beautifully. I am very impressed with how stable the pram was. I much prefer to stand while casting and whether in the front or back of the swivel seat I felt very secure. Also, the pram is very “electric fast” moving up river nicely with your 32 pound thrust Motor Guide. All in all I was very impressed with your operation, namely Spring Creek Prams. Very personal & responsive to my calls. Thanks Jim Robert Lowe Los Gatos, CA
We thought, as I’m sure you will at first that with the pedestal seat design you can stand up and “move around” easier in this pram. We thought that too. Not the case. What we found after we had a chance to fly from it for a few months was that two things were very clear. One, you could more easily fish turned around facing the bow of the pram which is not normally done. Your forward casting foot snuggles up to the rear corner of the seat box for bracing. The other HUGE advantage was that you no longer had to reach over the bench seat drag your boat bag over the seat between you legs, change your fly or add tippet material, close your bag (now, at this point nothing is back where it’s suppose to be in the bag), lift it back over the seat behind you. All you do in the Fly Fishing Edition is swivel around to the bow, make the change, turn back around, stand up and cast. That may not sound like a big deal but let me tell you, it’s huge.
Here is our Stillwater Classic Electric Motor Cable Kit. Very similar to the Electric Motor Cable Kit we put in our Hopper II series this will allow you to put a battery box out of the way of you and your fly line. During construction we fiberglass in an specially cut ABS pipe down into the keel void and run it under the seat box just to the bow of seat box. We also hand fit and glass in four ash strips to the bow of the seat box for a group 24 battery box leaving room for the seat to swivel and so you can get to your boat bag usually placed in front of the battery box. This is a great place for your battery to both keep it out of the way of your fly line and to help balance the weight in the pram. See the Electric Motor Cable Kit tab for additional information on extension cords for your electric motor.

“I love my pram (Stillwater Classic) ! It rows easily and quiet. The swivel seat is very easy on my back. I’ve had 3 prams and yours is the best of all of them!”
Jim Arnold Novato, CA
Oh, you wanted to take a second person……some times? Now here is a neat little option. We built this for a dad who wanted to take his kid with him every so often. This slatted seat is hand made and fit to each pram. It fits right over the two stern flotation compartments and is completely removable. Rowing is not hindered because of the design allows room underneath for your feet to reach to the transom.
Car topping? Ok, if Shauneen can put the Stillwater Classic on top of our  Toyota 4wd truck I think you can too. There are many way to get any of our prams on top of a vehicle. Just ask us and we would be happy to share tricks and ideas we have learned from our happy pram owners.
Our favorite Fisheries Biologist and the best chrionomid fisherman I know, Brian Chan in his personal Stillwater Classic showing a well outfitted pram for chironomid fishing. Pocket Puller Anchor Systems bow and stern, Motor Pads, Handles, Interior Spare Rod Holders  as well as a Carpet Kit on the floor.