We have delivered another boat to Desert Fly Angler in Ephrata and I don’t think Darc has sold it………yet. This one, another Stillwater Classic has the Electric Motor Cable Kit as well as anchor systems fore and aft. I will be starting another one for him soon as this one won’t last long, just like the first couple boats. So, if you live anywhere in Eastern Washington feel free to go in and say hi to Darc and check out his shop in Ephrata. And, oh yeah, while you’re there take a look at our Stillwater Classic.

Were now on Facebook. Whoo hooo! I’m not really sure what that means exactly but we’re there. I will be updating that from time to time and using it to introduce new products such as our new 14′ boat when it’s in testing, available, etc. as well as exciting new offerings from Stillwater Solutions. So, become a friend or whatever they call it. You should be able to click on the Facebook link here and it should take you there………..I hope.

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